Air Jordan 12

Fake Jordan 12 is another classic in the Jordan series. Launched in November 1996. The biggest feature of the fake jordan 12 shoes is the use of the distinctive DURABACK material, combined with the natural leather upper, to maximize the stability of the whole pair of shoes. DURABACK can prevent the ankle from spraining when it falls, and the foot is lighter. It is said that At that time, Jordan's requirement for this pair of shoes was to wear a barefoot feeling. This is also the first pair of Jordan shoes with full palm ZOOM-AIR. The following generations have switched to ZOOM-AIR. This air cushion is characterized by being thin, tough, and very close to the ground. It absorbs force and rebounds quickly, providing continuous power for players to run quickly and bounce continuously. At the same time, the full-length carbon fiber support plate is still used, which can reduce the burden on the knees. The fake Jordan 12's entire shoe has a simple and smooth design style. There are also projecting seams on the upper. The hard rubber outsole provides excellent grip performance. The shoelace buckle, which is different from the previous metal material, provides the whole pair of shoes. A bit of aristocratic atmosphere.

The biggest feature of fake Jordan 12 is the use of distinctive DURABACK materials, combined with natural leather uppers, to maximize the stability of the entire pair of shoes.

The design style of the whole shoe is simple and smooth. The upper has a radiating seam. The hard rubber outsole provides excellent grip performance. The shoelace buckle of a different metal material provides the whole pair of shoes. Noble breath. You can check out more products at

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