Air Jordan 6

Fake Jordan 6 is Jordan’s first pair of NBA championship shoes. There is a very dazzling and beautiful Jumpman Logo in the center of the tongue. The plastic shoelace elastic buckle design has been improved to make it more compact and can be easily tightened. At the same time it also played a very good decorative role.

Coupled with the innovative shape of the shoe, the fake Air Jordan 6 looks very delicate. At the same time, fake Jordan 6 also continued the design of the plastic shoelace elastic buckle of fake Air Jordan 5. You must know that this design was very popular at the time, and it was almost the "ruler" for measuring the quality of sports shoes in the eyes of most people during that period. Tiner has improved the design of the plastic shoelace elastic buckle used in the fake Air Jordan 5, making the Jordan 6 smaller, which can easily fasten the shoelaces, while also playing a good decorative role.

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