Air Jordan 3

Air Jordan 3 is a sneaker with stability and flexibility.

Fake Air Jordan 3’s iconic ankle joint design, burst pattern and visible Air Sole air cushion. At the same time, in order to make the shoes more recognizable, the Jordan Brand’s "flying man" logo was officially launched on reps Jordan 3 shoes for the first time. The superposition of these multiple elements finally made the Air Jordan 3 shoe a legend after its official launch in 1988.

Introduction to fake Jordan 3

The fake Jordan 3 launched by Nike in 1988 took an inter-generational step in the Jordan series. He became the first pair of Jordan shoes with an exposed air cushion. At the same time, he was also the first pair of Jordan shoes with the Flying Man logo. The little man dunking with his legs and one hand became a Jordan Brand icon.

The fake Jordan 3 is notable for a large number of cracks on the upper.

The fake Jordan 3 uses the AirMAX air cushion used in jogging shoes, which takes into account a high degree of shock absorption and stability. The shape is changed to a three-quarter gang design, which helps Jordan play amazing elasticity and speed. Jordan's best weapon. In the tongue part, the humanoid pattern design based on Jordan's flying layup was adopted for the first time. The upper is sewn from a whole piece of genuine leather, with folds added to the heel, and the NIKE-AIR logo on the heel.

In the 1987-88 season, Jordan averaged 35 points per game and won the regular season MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, and was named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team for the first time. He was also named MVP in the All-Star Game and won the Slam Dunk Contest. Jordan's outstanding achievements that year, of course, made replica Jordan 3 generations popular in the market.

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