Off White

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The ten fake off white shoes were deconstructed and redesigned by Virgil Abloh throughout early 2017.The collaboration between the two brands was officially confirmed in late August, however Abloh had been working on the designs since much earlier in the year and teased them throughout.  The design process involved Abloh taking each individual shoe, breaking it down with an X-ACTO knife,removing and altering key elements of the shoe. He maintained the foundational silhouette of each fake off white shoes, but added small fabrics and panels and relocated parts. Abloh concentrated his design towards editing the stitching and tongues of each of the shoes.

Abloh designed each fake off white shoes to have a print on the inside of each shoe, reflecting the creative process and location of creation. It was titled "Off-White for Nike" then a line which included the name of the shoe that had been remodelled and then two lines saying "Beaverton, Oregon USA" and "C. 2017". Beaverton, Oregon, being the location at which these shoes were designed. Abloh also added the name of the main material of the specific shoe to the midsole in bold black quotation marks, a signature trait of Off-White and Abloh. These examples include 'AIR' and 'FOAM'.

A key part of the creation process was adding the signature Off-White zip-tie that is attached to Off-White products. All the fake off white shoes in this collaboration featured the red zip-tie that features the date, name of collaboration and 'zip- tie' in bold white letters.

All the shoes in this collaboration had laces and the word "SHOELACES" was written in bold at the end of each shoelace. Every shoe came with multiple pairs of shoelaces and were different in colour.

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